Honoring Betty White: Our Favorite Golden Girl


As someone who, like Betty, believes in the power of positivity I will not lament her loss but will honor her long full life. Betty White was a role model for so many of us. Tenacious, but also graceful and kind, she displayed the better parts of femininity, aging, and humanity.

Like so many others, I had planned to celebrate her 100th birthday, but she made a grand exit on New Years Eve, and I think it’s very fitting. I was on a media blackout Friday, and planned to avoid all news over the long weekend, but was informed of her passing when guest starring on a podcast Saturday morning to offer a New Years blessing/meditation to spread some love and hope for 2022.

Instead of taking Betty’s death as some kind of personal attack, or another blow from a year (as if years are people with malicious intent), I hope you can read this piece and smile. Find your inner Betty White, and when January 17th comes, maybe donate to an animal shelter or do some volunteer work in her honor.

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