State Lawmakers Push For Stricter Penalties In Pre-Existing Transgender Athlete Ban

Last time I checked, there is no constitutional right to make everyone else pander to your mental illness. Offering understanding and aid to trans children should always be a main goal, but allowing children to put themselves into harmful situations because they are not able to accept biology and reality does nothing to prepare them for the real world. Just as we should NEVER play along with schizophrenics and pretend to hear the voices telling them to kill people or encourage them to listen to those voices, we should not be encouraging children to pretend that their mental illness is healthy or normal.

4 thoughts on “State Lawmakers Push For Stricter Penalties In Pre-Existing Transgender Athlete Ban

      1. Dawn Pisturino says:

        Absolutely! However, that is the trend in the liberal world, and not the trend in mental health. In mental health, recognizing the problem is part of the treatment. And talking about other people’s attitudes towards people with mental health issues is a common conversation. But then, most of my mental health patients were liberals, which says a lot.

  1. Yernasia Quorelios says:

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