Men Are No Longer Lovers Or Fighters, So What Are They?

“Men are struggling to find purpose in society because they’re being edged out of it. Masculinity is vilified while males are allowed to compete as women in sports. It’s hard to fully understand just how demeaning and emasculating that must be.”

One thought on “Men Are No Longer Lovers Or Fighters, So What Are They?

  1. Yernasia Quorelios says:

    💜 No EveryOne; it’s Fucked Up Mental Health Confusion in a Crazy Female Mind that insists “I AM FINE!!! There is NOTHING!!! Wrong with Me…” before RAGING!!! and SOBBING!!! then Doing The Same Thing Again Hoping for a Different Result as per Einstein and Other Emotionally Smart People like Me…who is DIVORCED!!! by a Crazy Bitch which (WITCH!!! 🧙 🪄🧹) is NOW!!! Wondering “Should I have Waited because He NEVER!!! Really Abused Me 🤔 ?” Only The Bad Guys Get The Girls EveryOne; because Good Guys have NO CHANCE!!! then The Bad Guys Dump The Crazy Bitch EveryBody


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