See A Florida Teacher Vow To Keep Hiding Student Info From Parents, Violating Law

Teachers have no legal claim over children. These people who enter the public education system wanting to “change the world” all so they can have their Dead Poet’s Society moment are so full of themselves that their egos are a liability. If they truly cared about children, they would be working with lawmakers to provide mediation and counseling between LGBTQ students and their parents, but instead these teachers openly wish to break the law and impart their ideologies on children who don’t really know who they are yet. Why? Because as a group of gay men, who included a registered child sex offender, once sang on the internet “we’re coming for your children.”

They know if they teach their version of reality from a young age, that underdeveloped minds are more likely to not only latch onto it, but become a part of it. This builds more support for the movement through generations. It’s grooming, it’s indoctrination, and it’s honestly as uneducational as you can get.

There a HUGE difference between being understanding and accepting of others (something we should all strive for), and flat out brainwashing. Every day I am 100% grateful to be a homeschooling mother of 4 happy, healthy, intelligent, fun children who are allowed to have a real childhood.

3 thoughts on “See A Florida Teacher Vow To Keep Hiding Student Info From Parents, Violating Law

  1. Dawn Pisturino says:

    LGBTQ comprise a very small percentage of the population. In order to get partners, they must convert and recruit new members. I used to see this when I was working in mental health.

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