Transgender Sports Banned In Utah Despite Governor’s Veto

Trans women deserve to compete, just not alongside natural born women, because our biology IS different. Any doctor can prove that. I have always wished that a 3rd category could be created for athletes who do not wish to compete based on biology, but because trans activists would rather decry and threaten women like me — who do not just fall in line and put my little hands in my lap — now trans athletes are losing the ability to play across the nation.

Where is the middle ground? Where is comprise and respect for each other? Why does everything have to be an all-or-nothing crusade nowadays?

4 thoughts on “Transgender Sports Banned In Utah Despite Governor’s Veto

  1. oneta hayes says:

    There doesn’t have to be a fight if women were competing with women and men against men. A man can call himself a woman, dress like one, talk and talk and pretend to be a woman, but he is still a man biologically.

  2. Stevie Turner says:

    I agree with Oneta. A trans-woman has male musculature which will always be stronger than female musculature. Perhaps there should be transgender sports where trans-women can compete with each other?

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