The 1st Review is in!

We’re just over 2 weeks away from the release of my upcoming Defiance Press book, Homeschooling on a Budget,” and it just received it’s first 5 star review!

Reviewed by Emily-Jane Hills Orford for Readers’ Favorite
“Life is a constant learning experience and lessons don’t start and stop in a classroom.” Public education is undergoing massive changes and many of these changes are not for the good of students or teaching staff. With the pandemic and the growing concerns about large class sizes, more parents are opting for homeschooling to keep their children safe and ensure that they have a sound, well-rounded educational experience. With more students being set up with classroom learning within the home, parents are addressing multiple concerns, first and foremost being the cost of homeschooling. However, the basics offered in the public education system really don’t merit the big price tag set on each student in the system. There are ways to circumnavigate the need to purchase too many teaching materials, or any at all for that matter.

Jessica Marie Baumgartner’s book, Homeschooling on a Budget, is a great resource for those thinking about homeschooling their children, as well as those already veterans in teaching at home. With a concise and thorough introduction and conclusion and well detailed and organized chapters on various ways to provide adequate and inexpensive education at home, the author (a homeschool mom herself) even shares some of her ideas to accommodate different child needs, including examples of working with her own children. The text is clear, easy to read, and engaging as well as packed full of valuable information and sites to find resources. I particularly applaud the author’s recognition of the public library system as a valuable tool for providing inexpensive education. At the end of the book is a detailed list of sites she uses (but one must be aware of the flaw of the internet and how quickly a good site one day might be sold and used as an unsuitable site the next day), as well as other resources. Well documented and a handy, quick resource to have on hand.

Pre-order the ebook copy here, or nab a print version on August 2nd:


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