Homeschooling On a Budget is out!

Here the top 12 quotes from my new book to give you a better feel for what it’s all about:

-Life is a constant learning experience and lessons don’t start and stop in a classroom.

-By homeschooling, my family spends less than four percent of the funds that the current public education system would spend for each of my children.

-Giving children options helps them make decisions for themselves. They take the initiative and learn self-reliance. This is another free byproduct of homeschooling.

-Homeschoolers in the modern era have just as many options as private and public schools.

-Kids love to laugh. They need to feel as if they matter and they can make a difference in the world. Even when taking on challenging subjects, it is important to let them be heroes instead of victims. Heroes can grow up and make an impact, whereas victims lack confidence and have perpetual excuses that drag them down.

-As homeschooling grows in popularity, so does access to helpful teaching tools. The need for affordable materials and project resources is being supplied by demand.

-Parents are resourceful and ingenuitive. If we don’t find the right reading materials, workbooks, and hands-on learning kits, we will create our own.

-While homeschooling, we host the power to truly raise empathetic, charitable, pillars of the community.

-It doesn’t take a genius to educate a child. It doesn’t even take the most intelligent parent on the block. All you need is a plan and the will to put it into action.

-There’s no single way to impart knowledge. Teaching isn’t only successful when “experts” stand before a group of kids and lecture them.

-I know what it means to go without, but none of that hindered my ability to learn or teach.

-Education doesn’t have to be expensive. There are plenty of free and affordable teaching resources for parents and students who are struggling, and you don’t have to be “barely scraping by” to utilize them.

You can find a wealth of these resources in the text:


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