Homeschooling On A Budget Review

Another great review from some great readers!

Homeschooling On A Homestead

The review many people have been waiting for, how do you save money while homeschooling? I know so many families who want to homeschool, but they’re worried about finances. Jessica Marie Baumgartner wrote a book called ‘Homeschooling On A Budget.’ The book releases this week and can be found here. Thank you so much for letting me review this book for my blog. This book is a quick read and a perfect way to end the summer. She starts out by introducing herself and compares and contrasts public school vs homeschool. As you move further into the book, she shares recourses on how to minimize the cost of homeschooling by either the internet and library. My favorite chapters were about homeschool groups and conventions. It’s been years since I’ve been to a homeschool convention thanks to COVID-19 and she has inspired me to go to one next year. She…

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