Diversity of thought (is rare)

I’m a homeschooling mother. Suffice it to say that I have conservative values. I believe in the 2 parent household, leading a life strong in faith and goodness, as well as upholding traditional values like being polite, dressing with class, and so on.

I’m also a Pagan. #Shocking

Knowing the history of religion and theology, I support everyone’s right to freedom of religion. I also find it refreshing to recognize the similarities between different faiths instead of fighting over our differences.

That common ground is where you find true love and peace.

But this doesn’t appease everyone. I take heat from both liberals and conservatives for not being exactly what they want. I get trashed by the democrats and the republicans because my libertarian views are too much for them to wrap their heads around.

Everyone is always checking boxes. Listing their politics, religion, and beliefs online to gain more points with “their team” and it’s highly destructive. They also attack people that don’t play their back and forth games.

The latest attack on me is a 1 star review for my homeschooling book, “Homeschooling on a Budget.” Now I’m all for criticism and true attacks on bad work. If my book sucks, please tear it apart. But this review merely called me out for being “into witchcraft.”

How dare an American woman practice her faith! How dare a conservative not be a Christian!

I doubt this guy even read the book. I openly describe my faith. I’ve never hid that I am a conservative Pagan. Hell, it’s here on my website.

And the left will mock me and say, “Well that’s what you get.” But then they insult me for believing in the gender laws of nature, or not voting for their “saviors.”

I’ve gotten used to it, yet I can’t remain silent. The more I write about this insanity, the more I find reasonable people who are sick of the division too. It’s how I got started as an author in the first place. I was asked to write about my experiences and I did. Then I got fan mail encouraging me to keep going.

That has always been the saving grace here. YOU. The readers who aren’t afraid of someone who doesn’t fit the packaging. Enjoying a strange outlook from someone who doesn’t fit most stereotypes.

Stereotype breakers are my favorite people. They know what it means to truly persevere and do what’s right no matter what the angry mobs say or do.

As my mom always said, “Religion is a man made thing. Spirituality is how you personally connect with your creator.”

She’s a Christian. My sister is a Catholic. My family accepts me because I’m not an angry activists always entering situations on the defensive, but just another person who loves connecting with others on an individual level.

Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are all born from the same seeds. Pagan beliefs come from more ancestral roots but Christianity and Paganism are cousins. Since we share so many traditions, egg hunts, tree decorating, and kneeling before a religious altar, I have always been fond of true Christians (those who lead with love instead of hate).

Meditation and prayer are the same thing to me. Christians call it one thing, while Pagans call it another. Spell work (or that evil witchcraft that some uninformed individuals fear) is nothing more than physical prayer.

When Catholics light a candle and pray to a Saint, it is the same as Pagan candle magic where we work to call upon the elements to help sway the future.

I wish more people could find the beauty of this and celebrate it. But not everyone is ready for that, I guess.

I was denied a booth at the Great Homeschool Conventions. They refused to give me a reason. probably because if they say it’s based on my religion they might get sued. But plenty of authors who don’t even write about homeschooling or parenting have been approved to be vendors at this massive Midwest series of homeschooling events.

Events are my thing. That’s where I can get out there, unmasked, and really talk with readers and other thinkers. It’s where people flip through my books and realize how sincere and passionate I am about homeschooling and writing.

Being barred from the opportunity to have a booth at the great Homeschool Conventions was a huge blow, and this 1 star review, merely because I meditate and believe in the male and female aspect of my creator… it’s not cool.

If you’re interested in my work, even though I am a pagan conservative, it’s readily available at amazon and I’m always up for personally selling signed copies myself:


My life has been a strange one. I am no stranger to religious persecution, but I love everyone and am determined to do so regardless of how some people may act.


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