Lots of thanks (and thanksgivings)

In my family Thanksgiving isn’t just one day a year. And as much as I’d love to say that it’s because we’re thankful year round, or some other cheesy Hallmark line (because I am always grateful for life’s joys), the truth is I mean LITERALLY.

There’s the celebration with my mom and all my crazy aunts and uncles and cousins stuffing into one house like clowns bursting from a car. The first year my husband came with, I tried to warn him. He said it would be fine, but then people just kept pouring in and he was like, “How are there so many of you.”

My answer: Grandma was an Irish-American Catholic.

But one cool thing about this loud drunken bunch is that we don’t really fight. Sure we all have our differences and don’t all agree on politics, but laughter fills the air and the silly stories take precedence over any divides. Because not a single politician will be arguing about any of us during their Thanksgiving dinner. So why should we let them monopolize OUR holiday?

So that’s what we’re doing tonight. Then tomorrow it’s all about a nice quiet family Thanksgiving. I cook everything at home for my husband and kids. We have what we want without all the fuss and it’s just so nice and cozy.

I started doing it years ago when too many Thanksgivings left me feeling stretched thin, and something was missing. Having a more intimate setting where I can just be me with my family in my house is a warm feeling. And it sets us up for years to come when the kids move out.

On The actual day, the real Thanksgiving, we get up at 2am and throw the kids in the car to sleep. Then we drive 500 miles to see the in-laws and enjoy my husband’s home town for the extended weekend. Thankfully we get a hotel and the trip is a nice reminder of family and fun.

I don’t know how everyone else celebrates, but I do know that sharing a meal with someone you care about is one of the best gifts a person could get. Never take it for granted.

I know I won’t this year. Being pregnant, I’m already sharing my body with my unborn baby and eating is an expectant mothers’ sport!

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