Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving often gets overshadowed by Christmas. Sure it’s fun to get presents and bake cookies and look at all the lights, but there’s something about a humble holiday dedicated for gratitude.

Many Americans are feeling the mass effects of our struggling economy. Inflation and recession are words we hear all too often, and everyone is feeling it. Just buying canned goods at the grocery store has gotten expensive. Things are looking rather grim for those who are used to the comforts of excess.

But those of us who have always worked to conserve our resources, and have come from poverty understand the value of resourcefulness and humility. Making do with what we have is one of the greatest human qualities known to man.

Sitting down to share a meal with those who matter most is a meaningful ritual that cannot be taken for granted. Even if you can only afford sausage and macaroni and cheese, having food is a blessing. Being kept warm with the clothes on our back and the shelter surrounding us is a necessity that not everyone has.

Most of us have everything we need, and even of bit of what we want. That is always something to celebrate.

Happy Thanksgiving and may your holidays be bright.

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