It’s been a busy couple of years. I’ve been writing and reporting and releasing so much content that I haven’t really gotten much of a break.

That’s something any writer can appreciate. Getting work isn’t always easy, but I’ve been very blessed throughout the insanity of 2020 through now.

Even so I used to take off of writing twice a year in June and December to keep myself from burning out. There are millions of “writers” out there who constantly publicize their inability to sit down and commit to writing. they joke about procrastinating and staring at the wall as part of the process, then wonder why they never get anywhere.

Those of us who take the job seriously, force ourselves to write through the rough times and the good — who meet deadlines no matter what’s going on — we’ll always get published (so long as we pump out quality work).

But after 2 years of fast-paced journalism, I am dying for a true break. The opportunity has finally returned and so there will be no writing, no obsessing, or jumping into new pieces until after the 1st of the year.

You get used to producing 4 articles a day and having them published same day. It’s spoiled me a bit I believe. Now that my education news gig has gone defunct, I’m taking this as a sign to slow down and get back to what works in the long run.

I don’t need that rush, that dopamine hit from everyday publishing. It’s nice. It’s lucrative, and boy does it feed the ego. BUT articles and essays have a shorter shelf life than the longer works.

That’s the trade off.

I have a new book I’ve started and it’s gotten off at such a great pace that I really want to make sure my head is on right. That means stepping back for a moment and not rushing through it. As much as I love to write quick and turn out work fast, I’m dyslexic and that means a LOT of world fumbling that isn’t fun for any editor.

So it’s time for that good old fashioned writing hiatus. Time to just enjoy being a person. Tis the season, and I am all for playing with the kids, singing & dancing, and remembering my inner child. Especially this time of year.

If anyone wants to join me, that’s great. If not, I hope you have the best writing season during the holidays! I know it’s not always possible to take a break. It def wasn’t for me during these past 2 years. And of course, I still have to do some little writing here and there for my job, but the books and articles can chill out.

Then next year I’ll be annoying everyone with new ideas and upcoming releases haha (I have a new spiritual books set to drop at the end of February.)

3 thoughts on “Hiatus!

  1. Yernasia Quorelios says:

    πŸ’œ I AM a “Writer” on Psychiatric DisAbilities Welfare EveryOne; ergo The Government Pays Me to “Write” so Go Figure EveryBody…as for “Hiatus” it’s THE DISTRACTIONS!!! that cause a “Writers” Block 🚫 🀣 πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜’ 😳 😐 🚫 ; an unpublished writer was invited to speak at a “Writers” Gathering and The Advice Given was to Just Write ✍️ then ReDraft, ReDraft, ReDraft ad nauseum with the assistance of an editor whose Advice can be taken or Respectfully Rejected…most “Writers” don’t “Write” for money they “Write” for passion; like, for example Tolkien, King, Lewis, Hurst, Donald, Tolstoy, Austen et al who don’t “Write” for money…in short, these “Writers” are Stress Free and money just follows; with ‘The Hobbit’ prelude and ‘Lord of the Rings’ Trilogy Tolkien had to be persauded to be published by Unwin…so consider this; things and people ARE Attracted to Each Other, ergo, wait for the Publishing Relationship that doesn’t STRESS YOU!!! OUT…


    1. JessicaMarieBaumgartner says:

      I never get writers block. Everyone needs time to recharge when you’re pumping out 4 articles a day. Publishing always has some stress because it’s based on so many varying factors. Managing that stress it what truly matters. I’ve been at it for 11+ years and write for a living so making sure that I slow down and take some extra time to live every once in a while is what works best for me. But everyone has their own way.

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