Writer’s Break

I am slowly coming to accept that I cannot allow myself time off. Whenever I’m resigned to take a step back and wait for my submissions to get a response it seems that my mind is flooded with new story ideas. It’s like some kind of hilarious curse.

After a very productive past few months I determined to not write anything new until after my family camping trip this weekend. Yeah, that lasted like an hour. It’s like dating; as soon as you stop looking that’s when you find the person who will change your life. At least that’s how it happened when I found my husband so long ago that I can say these things and feel justified.

We’re supposed to head out Sunday and take some time away. Just us and the kids alone in the wilderness: swim in a lake, fish some, go hiking, and enjoy the primitive elements of a simple campfire. I figured the best way to prepare and get myself all stoked would be to declare a vacation from writing a few days before but that failed in epic proportions. I was struck with such a fun story idea that I have been obsessing for the past twenty four hours, breaking all of my rules and even filling in the plot while my girls are still awake.

My new goal is to get this baby pushed out before we leave and then force myself to purge everything. It’s not hard for me to detach myself from society and go soak up nature in all it’s glory. I’ve always been an outdoor girl. I know that once the tent’s pitched and that hot sun starts heating my skin, I’ll be ready to swim all day and play all night. But getting there is the hard point.

Is buckling down and overloading yourself just another aspect of writing? If so I’ve got it down. Some stories can wait, but most of mine always seem to need to be captured right away and tweaked later. My hand is so cramped that I can’t hold a pen any more, that’s why I’m typing right now. Typing isn’t all that relaxing, but it’s a little better and here I feel that I’m not shirking my duty to the written word. Obsessed much? Yes, I know I obsess and I can’t stop it even though it’s conscious.

Tonight I know I will sit up and finished my latest creation and then start to obsess over the editing process as well. It never ends. But does anything really?

Sunday I’m going to leave my computer behind, abandon all writing implements, and lock my phone in the car for emergencies only. Instead of reading I’m ready to tell some good campfire stories to captivate my children and can’t wait to hear the ones my husband will tell. I look forward to the break but can’t keep from working until we leave. Maybe I lack self control or it could be that I know how much I will ease into a different rhythm once we leave everything else behind.

It’s time for a break, everyone deserves a break. It’s only for a few days and I know I’ll enjoy getting back in touch with the real world in all its purity. The days will fly by and the nights will be exceptionally calming under the dome of countless stars. It will be over way too soon and then I’ll be right back at it again. So until then, so long!

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