It’s Good to be Back

Clear your mind
Clear your mind


There’s nothing like trying to force yourself back into a routine after taking some time off to enjoy a vacation. You wake up drooling on yourself wondering why the sun is brighter than usual and how in the world you ever lived without caffeine, which sucks for me because I hate the taste of coffee but tea is better for you anyway. The best part of my recent adventure is that our little three day two night camping trip got cut short due to a cranky toddler and sunburn. Awesome! Almost as awesome as sharing a tent with your husband, two small children, and a fair sized hound dog. One night of that was plenty for me.

All in all I was ready to come home feeling able to get back to work, but this week has been a constant struggle. I’ve got so many irons in the fire that I can barely keep still for a moment and feel the need to back off of new story ideas. My plan was to work on editing some projects but the word edit seems synonymous with hell right now. It’s summer, I want to either go out and play (yes I’m a giant child) or create worlds.

Despite what I want I’ve been plowing through and forcing myself to focus in order to be somewhat productive. It’s not easy. That’s the name of the game right? Easy isn’t usually any fun anyway. So here we are again, back in the swing of things and all before the 4th of July takes over to distract me even more.

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