A Hiking Life


The trees, the grass, the air. It’s all so meaningful when you take a moment to stop worrying about the pressures of modern life and just walk through the woods.

This is what I wanted to capture in my latest article, “A Hiking Life.”

No talk of environmental issues, politics, or what’s wrong in the world. Just simple sweet love for nature and why that love enriches life.

I also sometimes pretend that I’m a photographer so I wrote about it and today I can now say that I have more than just my words bought and published, but also a few pics. This is definitely not a great idea. I’ll probably scrimp and save to get a better camera now and keep pretending to be a “professional” photographer. But I promise there will be no wedding portfolios or cheesy shots of babies wearing ties or weird costumes. Just the same old shots of the wild world I love.

If you need a sweet read that reminds you of what’s great in the world, check out “Woods Reader!” I subscribed the day I found them. Their content was exactly what is missing from nature writing, and writing in general.

Not everything has to be a battle. Sometimes sitting back and absorbing some beautiful stories of passing down hiking knowledge to children does more good in the world than anything else. I’m a huge proponent of “preaching what you love instead of screaming about what you hate.”

Check out an excerpt and see what I mean:

“No matter how much I write about the earthy air or the exhilaration of finding fresh animal tracks, my words could never compare to the vast array of life and emotion that rules the forests.

It never prevents me from trying, but how can a person properly describe the bubbling water that sings to the rocks in its stream?

How could I possibly explain the palpitations that rule my heart when finding the light in the eye of a proud buck?”

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