Really? That One?

It never fails, the pieces that I write are like little flecks of my soul and no matter what I think I know, the works that I am not so sure of get published whereas the ones that I feel are my best sit in the rejection pile. This has to be the Gods laughing at me. Honestly I finished a flash story a few months ago and felt that I had never done so well with words. Unfortunately the publications that I submitted it to do not seem to agree.

My most recently published story on the other hand is one that I submitted on a whim being that I feel it is just a quirky tale that is definitely not my magnum opus. I sent it to more for the critiquing process to figure out where I went wrong. Low and behold it gets voted to be put in the August issue. Now having a seat on the staff myself I voted against it since I honestly felt that I could do better. But I was outvoted and refuse to hold back getting published by my own internal struggle.

Funny how that works hua? Judge for yourself, here’s the link. At this point I think it appealed because it is different, everything I read lately has the same dark tone and this is lighter. A bit silly but fun.

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