Finding the right Publisher/Publication

So how many of you writers out there have found the perfect publisher/publication for your work?

Who are they and how do they help you?

I myself don’t know that the perfect fit truly exists. But I have found that each piece whether short story, novella, or novel has to take a journey before it finds the right home.

My children’s book was rejected twice before I found the best publisher possible for it. But it is so niche that I had an easier time narrowing down my options. It is has spiritual/religious elements as well as social and when shopping around a story with a Wiccan main character going with a Pagan publisher just seemed to make sense. There are drawbacks to that though, we (my illustrator, publisher, and I) are limited in our resources being that the publisher is lesser known and our book is not mainstream.

My novel and my novella that I am working on trying to get published are different stories. One is a fairy tale retelling, so it fits a well known market but has a lot to live up to. The other is a sword and sorcerer tale that puts new twists on the old style having more of the female perspective and all that comes with it.

Rejection is a well known occurrence in my life when it comes to submitting short stories to publications. Quantummuse has been a very helpful tool and the writers who frequent it are encouraging. Part of my issue is that I am still finding my style. I love writing fantasy but there are so many sub genres of it that my imagination is a bit over the top. Sci-fi is definitely not my thing and I have had to come to terms with that, but sci-fantasy is a lot of fun for me. Still each time a story of mine is passed over I can’t help but obsess.

Working without an agent puts all the pressure on you as a writer and I am not sure if it is the best way to do things. There are days where I am ready to start querying to get myself and agent but then I love interacting with the independent publishers who still focus more on the writer and their work as opposed to the flooded market.

This year has been huge for me as a writer but I have a long way to go. I want to know what any of you other artists have achieved and specifically how the writers out there feel about this particular blog today.

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