This is Where the Healing Starts

Any writer will tell you that writing is like breathing. Without it we wither and begin to die. Sure if pen and paper suddenly ceased to exist I believe that it is my love of sharing stories and the human connection that would keep me alive.

As some of you know I was born and raised here in St. Louis. I ventured out a few times but always found my way back home. I love this city despite our problems. One particular reason I do is because of my hometown’s resilience. We’re slowly picking up the pieces and doing our best to move forward from the riots of last week.

One of the best ways to do that it for individuals to come forward and share their stories. From all fronts. We lost the insight of humanizing every person affected by the recent unrest. Walrus Publishing, a local publisher has had a positive, and moving idea. They are asking for us to write about our experiences to share. If any of you out there are around the St. Louis area, get your feelings out.

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