Hooray for websites!

If any of you haven’t noticed this blog is now an official website. There are some added features, mainly my books and upcoming projects. A few other things have been updated and expanded as well, all thanks to my brother in-law.

Let me just take a minuet to describe his awesomeness, because I keep using that word, but don’t go into more detail. I have known this guy for like over 15 years. He has always done his best to take care of my sister, even when she’s crazy (much like me). Despite my own insanity he puts up with my crap and the fact that my sis and I together equal immeasurable weirdness because we helped raise each other. In essence whatever you tell her you’re telling me and vice-versa.

That’s just how we do.

So yeah, despite the fact that he plows away at his day job, is busting his ass to get his video game created and out, and has the normal pressures of being a husband, he also somehow found the time to get in here and clean this mess up. (Sure I had things alright but I couldn’t do what he’s done.)

Now this is not only my blog, but it’s also my website. And guess what? My children’s book magically climbed back up to #44 on amazon. Coincidence, I think not!

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