“The End” is never the end

It’s happened…my worst fear. I get feedback on my space opera waiting to have the plot picked apart, my structure torn to shreds, and what do I get “I couldn’t finish it.”

“Why not?” I ask and this is what I hear…

“Because you’re not finished yet, you ended the section but not the entire story.”

Son of a bitch! I mean really, here I was afraid that this insane story was crap and then I get to sit and hear about how good it really is, which makes me feel amazing. But the catch is that I have to get back on the ship and somehow beat out a real concise, resolution. None of this half assed crap, but the real deal.

Seriously? This has been the wildest ride I’ve ever taken in the writing world and I love the insanity. Flying blind without an outline, tapping into a genre that never truly hooked me, writing with my feet in the air, it has all brought me here. And tonight I get to go back in space and do it right.

I don’t care what any publisher says. This novella is going to reach you guys. Just gotta finish it first (and edit the hell out it). haha

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