Cosmic Horror

Very few writers like the constraints of genres and sub-genres, but they exist for a reason. No matter how much I dislike all of the labels and just wish that I could write a story and put it out there without having to package it neatly and bundle it up, the written word comes in many forms.

There are different approaches to this but I myself have to know what I’m going for before I delve into a tale. It just helps me to sort things out and keep on point.

As a lover of tragedy and meaning behind the losses of said stories, I do not read or write to get a fairy tale ending. That is NOT for me. I enjoy twisted tales where characters make blunders that doom them.

Horror has always enticed me. Frankenstein is the epitome of writing in my eyes. I don’t care about the phrasing, the punctuation, or any of the technicalities because the story is so rich and ripe you can taste every moment. The classics are always fun but new ideas keep striking further.

I recently finished “Love and Other Poisons” by Silvia Moreno-Garcia and ate each word like cake. The ultimate prices that are paid in sub-genres like Cosmic Horror give me reason to write.

My own story, “The Reader’s Death,” is now available in Volume 4 of “Hellfire Crossroads.” This particular tales takes my love of the classic stories that tear down our sense of security, but is also very modern in it’s imagery and sense of chaos. I cannot write enough of this stuff. It is exactly what I desire. Honestly I didn’t believe I was good enough and originally discarded this story and one more that is to be published in another magazine next year.

Maybe that is part of writing Cosmic Horror. The author feels so much of their work that they put themselves into a tragedy and have trouble comprehending when they get a happy ending. I don’t know read for yourself.

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