Rejection Reschmection

Every writer knows that rejection is part of the process. We hear it again and again.

L.M. Montgomery was noted to have said that 1 in 10 of her manuscripts was picked up for publication. That was around 100 years ago. Now that publishers, printers, and markets are everywhere I am finding that it’s more like 1 in 20 because everyone is a writer.

But man, when you do get that acceptance it is golden.

The past few months have been a bit rough on me. I was beginning to wonder if maybe my talents lay elsewhere. That is another part of the writing process. Self doubt versus the consuming sense of literary aspirations.

My children’s book is doing well, but I feel that anyone could have written it. It is so simple and honest. My more complicated works have had a harder struggle. (Hence the hiatus on writing anything new in order to keep from going crazy)

And then in the past fewweeks I received two really needed acceptances. Nothing huge per say, but just what I was hoping for. A couple of my horror stories have been picked up by two different publications.

I’m finding that I have a knack for cosmic horror and exploring that has been a fun ride. I never try to box myself off by setting genera limits, but when one finds a fitting niche it’s best to keep at it.

More beatings will come as new stories are turned down. I get that. For now I feel accomplished and revived enough that I’ll press on.

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