“Homeschooling on a Buget” is in the top 100!


My homeschooling book is in the top 100 in its genre on amazon!

Thanks to everyone who has given it some love, and thank you in advanced to all of you who are about to. This parent-focused book was designed for YOU. The public education system is crumbling. It has failed families so often, and for so long, that children are suffering within this system.

But let’s face it, private schools are expensive. Even with tuition assistance they cost as much as college, and even these institutions are not immune to political pressure. Even so, I know how scary it seems to take that homeschooling leap at first. But once you get started (and the earlier you start with your children the better), the more you realize the joys of teaching.

There are always good days and bad days, but truly dedicated mothers and/or fathers are learning just how fun and effective at home education is. I specifically wrote this book to offer up every free and affordable teaching tool I have found and tested (or at least considered) throughout the years.

From pre-school to high school graduation–and even post-graduation options–I’ve shared all the resources I can as well as my experiences in an effort to provide support and aid to anyone who wants to homeschool or who is already doing so but needs some extra help.

My husband and I both work. I’ve been divorced and remarried throughout my children’s education journey, and yes for a couple of years there I was a single mother who somehow managed to keep homeschooling through it all. I am proof that anyone can homeschool, they just need the confidence and the tools.

Check out the wealth of homeschooling resources in this book and get started!



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