Community Symphony Orchestra Halloween Concert

Halloween season is such a fun time of year. The kids get to play and dress up, and even adults run through corn mazes and get in touch with their inner child.

It’s also a great time to check out a local symphony orchestra. I’m sure ghosts and bats and spiders don’t scream classical music, but Halloween concerts are always my favorite.

When taking music theory in college we were required to attend 2 music events outside of class. There was a list of free concerts and I found myself surprised to see how many great jazz and classical music options there were. Going was such a special joy that I’ve tried to pop in to one of these every year or so since then.

The Halloween concerts are always the best. There is nothing like watching volunteer musicians try to perform classic works of symphonic music while dressed up like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, or a creepy clown. It’s just so silly and so much fun.

After my family moved further away from the city I was worried that we’d miss out, but our community has their own local symphony orchestra and they’re putting on their Halloween concert tonight. The hubsy and I will dress up the kids and take them to enjoy some live music so they can learn to appreciate master works of composition.

This tradition is a lot more common than I originally believed, so I urge everyone who is interested to look up their area. Just do a search with your city or county alongside the words symphony orchestra. You might be surprised to find a group that regularly performs (and often for FREE).

Most of these organizations run off of donations, so if you have a little to give, have it handy. There may be a donation bowl or box just waiting for some love. There may also be a refreshments table at intermission.

Regardless it’s a great way to get out with your neighbors and support the volunteer musicians who take the time to learn difficult pieces of music so they can entertain everyone.

Happy listening.


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