Early Morning Inspiration

A good deal of the writers I mingle with suffer from insomnia. Having suffered rapid thought for most of my life I usually conk out and sleep through anything. I have slept through an earthquake, the most violent thunderstorms, sure I’ll punch you in the face if you touch me while I’m in this state (my husband has learned how to dodge the blows) but yeah when I can’t sleep it means something.

If I have trouble getting to sleepy land, I say “screw it” and write. This is not a common occurrence with me but useful on the rare occasions. I am more of an early bird. Some days I will pop awake at 3:45 am and my brain will be whirling with ideas. This has happened enough that I jump out of bed, grab a notebook, a pen, and situate myself with a giant glass of water ready to plow into something new. Typing is out of the question that early.

There is nothing like writing to the sunset. The world is a different place. The stillness breaks and you can literally hear life awakening. For me there is no better inspiration. It goes against my “adventure first and then write” motto, but changing things up gives me the ability to write a variety of stories. It keeps things going.

Last week I pumped out two short stories that have potential through this method. Who knows what they can do? They were born to breathe just like any of us. Having been born in the morning myself I feel connected to the pieces that slip out of me just after waking. Writers feel connected to all of their stories, and I do, but the creative process is what I love most.

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