Reviews are Love

So you’ve written your book, pushed through the hell that is editing and submitting, and somehow signed a contract. Woohoo, release day comes. And then crickets….

Sure your readers, friends, family, and a few newbies buy and read your book and tell you how much they enjoyed it, or thought it was alright. But the reviews are slow. Be patient.

It takes time for people to sit down and write out their thoughts. I forget this all the time being a writer. When you’re constantly scribbling down, or typing out ideas, it seems insane that not everyone does it. But not everyone is a writer. (It sure seems like it sometimes haha)

It’s been 7 months since the release of my children’s book and it has 6 reviews on amazon. Not bad. They all have something awesome to say about the story, but of course I want more.

Since I love to get feedback I’m often starved for reviews. That’s just another aspect of being in the game. My recently release novelette has 3 reviews, and it came out like 2 weeks ago. I’ve been sitting here waiting as if it’s not enough. But then I realized that it’s only been 2 weeks, I’m not a well known author. Same as everything else, it takes time.

But in case you do have time, and care here are the link to both books, which I wrote to share with everyone:

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