Giving Back

Writers spend so much time working to get their stuff ready and push it out there. We often get caught up in the insane whirl of write, edit, submit, contract, promote and then start all over again hoping that maybe this one will be the breakthrough story.

In truth that may never happen. But I think it helps to pull away, and make sure to support other writers in addition to giving back to the community. We go from the top of the world, to six feet under in a matter of hours. That’s the exhilaration of being a writer. We hate and love ourselves, and love every moment of it.

My favorite modern writer Richard Smyth has this amazing book, Wild Ink, that completely blew me away. I can’t even describe why I loooove it. I don’t have to know why I do, I just do.So I get a little ridiculous when I can bother him on twitter. But even he seems to have this self-doubt that plagues all of us.

I feel it’s my duty to encourage good writers, or amazing ones like him, because this is not a competition. We often forget that as we vie for book sales.

One of my favorite ways to keep my feet on the ground (while my head’s in the clouds) is to always donate a good chunk of every royalty check I receive to a good cause. Sometimes I support other art forms, but my favorite donations are the ones that help keep nature reserves thriving.

Not all royalties will be enough to lift you up, and give a sense self worth. But every time I look at the bigger picture I’m reminded that we’re all connected. Every single creature on this planet has something to offer, if any of my writing (the portion of the profits that I give back) can help preserve that then I feel accomplished.

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