Movies Writers Should Watch

I’m a word-aholic. I love books and tales told over a campfire. I also married a film buff who’s aided me with my love of good cinema. As I’ve grown into writing, I’ve come to find some pretty rocking movies that specifically speak to my love of literature.

So here are 5 I think my writer peops will enjoy:



Anyone who’s struggled with writing will enjoy this. It’s funny, but makes good points, and offers some unforgettable moments that make one proud to be insane enough to attempt writing a novel.

The Neverending Story


This kickass movie isn’t your average kiddie film. It bridges the link between a love of reading and enjoying movies. Added bonus, it sparked my love of nerdy guys. Sure most chicks dug Atrayeu, but Bastain’s the true hero of this tale.

Funny Farm

FUNNY FARM, Chevy Chase, 1988, (c)Warner Bros.
FUNNY FARM, Chevy Chase, 1988, (c)Warner Bros.

Lamb balls! That’s the first thing I think of when this movie comes to mind. It’s so much fun. It follows a writer who moves out to the country to finish his manuscript and all the hijinx that ensure. Add in the fact that it’s 80s fabulous and you have a classic.

The Pagemaster


You can all hate on Macaulay Culkin, but this movie will always entice book lovers. There’s adventure, horror, and fantasy. Without these elements, what is a story? That and turning into a cartoon was a dream of mine as a child.

The Dead Poets Society 

Dead Poets

You had to know this was coming. I know I say I hate poetry all the time. In truth, I just hate all the useless crappy poetry that seems to be produced by the millions. Epics, classics, and real poetry of course speaks to me like anyone else. (Shhh don’t tell anyone) If you love writing, you need to see this, absorb it, feel it.

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