Oh Blurb

When my children’s book was released I read the blurb on the back when I received my copy. My publisher decided to write one and since I’d never had a book published I was none the wiser. It’s not a bad blurb, but it isn’t what I would have written myself.

Over time I’ve learned that the author is generally the person who gets to write that little blurb on the back of the book that’s meant to catch readers right away. I loved having the ability to control how readers perceive my next book, a cheesy Romance novelette, but now I’m a bit intimidated to get the one for my Space Opera Novella going.

Oh no. Did I just break a rule or something? We’re not supposed to admit when we’re scared, or doubting ourselves are we? My bad.

I can’t help it. I’m an open book. It helps me to deal with all the insanity that comes with being a writer and I love it. You wallow a little, then get over your whiny self and toughen up to come through.

I wrote two different blurbs for my upcoming novella, By the Stars, and they’re both very different. Sometimes I wish I could just put, “Read this book” down and be done with it. But as an avid reader I know how important that little snippet is. I think we may obsess over it a little too much like every other aspect of getting something published. It’s part of the process.

I have a few guides that are really helpful. It’s like writing a synopsis, only shaved down and without the spoilers.

What I want to know is what really catches you all. I’m a character person. If I like the idea of the character and their journey I’m all in. Fill me with ideas.

(I know it’s kind of cheating, but I’m hoping to gain some helpful insight. Of course that’ll bring me to write another version of the 2 blurbs I already have, but better to have multiples to decide from than not any at all haha)

3 thoughts on “Oh Blurb

  1. ElishaNeubauer says:

    You’ll do just fine! You managed to write the book and make it intriguing enough to hook readers – I’m sure you can come up with something just as catchy! Don’t be afraid to send me drafts and ask questions about it – you don’t have to wait until you have a final, I can help you if you need. 🙂

  2. Shannon Noel Brady says:

    I like it when people are truthful about their fears and insecurities. We all have them, so it helps to not feel so alone, and bearing those feelings is actually very brave. I’m glad you shared your worry 🙂

    To answer your question, I like blurbs that give me specific detail. They tell me something unusual, something quirky. I hate it when the blurb is all vagueness like, “She discovers a secret that could tear her apart!” Uh, okay? So many blurbs are written with the exact same form of vagueness that none of them stand out. There are lots of books in this bookstore so I’m going to pick the one that gives me something meaty to bite into.

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