Writing Conference and Competition

I don’t know what the hell I am, but I can’t be a writer. Not if all the people this past weekend at the All Write Now Conference are examples of writers. It’s strange, but I didn’t expect everyone to be so quiet and reserved. haha

What is wrong with me?

Sure I get that a lot of writers are introverts, but man, get them all together and they have some fun reactions. People watching is fun, but writer watching is hilarious.

Enough silliness though. Conferences are a great way to reach out to other writers (something I’m pretty versed in) and they offer a wide array of learning experiences.

Sure, listening to people talk about the technical elements of writing makes me hate writing for a while, and the next day I had a word hangover, but I came home with a lot of important information that has already helped me with my writing.

Getting pointers, inside business tips, and more insight allows for immeasurable growth. The support alone is helpful.

Best of all, a lot of conferences have writing competitions. I myself have never been big on entering competitions because I know the odds are against me and I don’t like playing with rough odds. But I went ahead an entered the All Write now Short Fiction Competition and…didn’t win.

Hey Rocky didn’t win ether, but we all remember that movie. What I did receive was the only honorable mention handed out, so it’s something. Just entering is something. This was only the second writing competition I’ve entered, so I feel validated.

After all the little things I picked up at the conference, I have no doubt that my writing will improve even more and may lead me to actually win something.

Win or loose, you will not go away empty handed if you choose to take something away from the experience.

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