Author Head Shots

Last night I got to goof off with my favorite photographer again. Shes amazing. Getting new head shots done is not my favorite aspect of being an author, I never know how to stand or what to do. My giant face is so goofy that I usually end up making silly faces in pictures, so it’s nice to have a professional you trust.

It was hot and sticky, and we both gave the mosquitoes quite a feast, but I love being outside and got to do this shoot at one of my favorite places: Castlewood State Park. Outdoor photos are always kind of a gamble, but they help ease me. Plus I can run around and get some of the giggles out between shots in a large space. haha

I was sad to learn that my photographer is moving to Montana next month, but she got my pictures to me in record time. It’s always great to have people you can trust on board.

So if you’re even in Montana and need pics:

And if you come to St. Louis skip the touristy crap and hit Castlewood. 🙂

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