Holy Rusted Metal Batman, It’s August!

August! That glorious holy-crap-things-are-happening month is upon us. Two days from now my science fiction space opera novella By the Stars comes out and sitting still is no longer an option.

My poor husband has to deal with me all bouncy like, but lucky for him we have a date today (thanks to my awesome sis and brother in-law). So have to hit some water and either finally try wind surfing or that weird paddle boardy thing where you just stand and paddle around a lake. (Sounds kind of boring but anything on the water makes me happy) Hopefully my inner mermaid can keep me from exploding, if I appease her.

My publisher has contacted the two best newspapers in St. Louis (my home) and The Post Dispatch already has a press release pending! Trying not to squeal like a 15 year old girl, but it’s proving difficult.

Monday’s gonna be a real test. I mean if I’m this amped up now, what’s to keep me from actually flying on Monday? Silly right. I mean I’ve been through this before. I have no idea why this book release shouldn’t be like the others. Maybe it’s because I love this publisher and have way too many hopes.

Or it could be that Tuesday is my birthday, and I don’t care how old I get, I love birthdays. The older I get the more I enjoy life and I hope that never ends. There’s always something to look forward to if you keep active.

The 11th is the next open mic for my writers guild and I get to read the 1st chapter of By the Stars which is both horrifying and awesome. I know I’ll have fun with it, I may shake like I’m having a seizure too, but it’ll be worth it.

I have another interview coming out this month and hopefully more to come. Things are happening right now and I wish I could do everything all at once. And in my insanity I wish everything for everyone else. Hope you all have the best day, month, life ever!

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