We Survived

Got through my first twitterview (interview on twitter) last night and I have to say it was a terrifyingly fun experience. The awesome Dante Harker kept me in line so I’ve pieced it all together in case you missed it:

we have no idea what we’re doing, but it’s all in good fun. Right ?

Q1 How do you find the time to always be on twitter? Shouldn’t you be writing or something?

 My mind is constantly running on overdrive so twitter helps to get out the fluff 🙂

I know the feeling! – also, should have said add A1… and so on so everyone can see this better 🙂

Q2 How did you manage to find a publisher for By the Stars?

A2 One of my writer friends introduced me to the editor of European Geeks before she started the company.

Now I know why I’ve not done an Twitter interview before – I keep hitting refresh to see if I’ve missed anything!

(Does anyone on twitter really care anyway? haha)

Q3 Where did this story come from?

By the Stars started out as a short story attempt based off of nightmares I’ve had about being forced to leave Earth.

I’d kinda like to leave earth, I applied for the trip to Mars but they said I was too ‘chatty’ just rude!

Well we missed A3 and the hashtag off that last question – yay for being useless

(In my defense, I had never done this before heehee. We’re missing just a few responses due to my # deficiency)

Q4 What makes this novella worth the read? 

A4 It’s a story that could take place in any time or setting with any culture.

Remembered the number and the #, nailed it!

I once got kicked off a desert island. I don’t mix well, never mind settling with another culture

Q5 Since you always talk of having trouble sitting still, how do you manage to sit and write?

A5 I usually write at the end of the day once I’ve already had enough fun to focus better.

Drinking at ‘wine time’ just seems wrong, well done on making the time, that’s half the battle 🙂

Q6 Tell me which is your fav part of By the Stars

A6 I love it when the youngest daughter, Gwen, kind of parents her mom. Kids do that more often than we like to admit haha

A6 – can you believe we made it to Q6 without breaking Twitter 🙂

It’s a miracle

(I really wasn’t sure if we’d get through all 10 questions or not haha)

Q7 And this is the first book in a series?

I probably should stop screaming ‘refresh damn you, why won’t you refresh’ in a coffee shop. It’s scaring the locals

Dammit where is question 7? I know it has to be posted by now. Maybe it’s the sock in the laundry of this interview haha

A7 Yeah. When I finished the first novella, I knew it had more to it but different stories and Embracing Entropy was born.

A7 it’s super exciting to know that you have more than one story inside you 🙂

Haha book 2 is already drafted, now comes the hell of editing once I finish typing up my scribbles.

Oh how I hate editing, or more I hate the awkwardness of getting all the red all over my work when my editor’s done

It’s painful to see your work bleeding, but necessary.

Q8 Why writing? What drew you to this profession?

A8 I love that it’s all about the human connection. Bringing people together has always been the main draw.

OM Goodness this is hard on Twitter – though I might start a writers 10 Questions thing on say

I get confused, I shouldn’t be allowed near the internet. Though I’m not in some countries

Q9 How did you come up with the title for By the Stars?

A9 I struggle w/titles. It actually came from a line the main character says in the book.

A9 Nope, I have nothing witty to say. is a great title 🙂

(That made my day!)

OMG we only have 1 question left!

Q10 How is book two of the series coming along? – yay we made it and nothing’s broken 🙂

Damn you #10 I know you’re out there somewhere

So far, don’t jinx it. Haha Book 2 is drafted & almost typed up. Gotta finish editing. Hope my publisher approves

A10 we got there 🙂 Thanks to for the interview and you can buy her book here: http://www.europeangeeks.com/by-the-stars.html

Survived my 1st twitter interview with ‘s help.

I was so exhausted after this! Not sure if interviews on twitter will be a common thing or not, but I had fun and am always up for answering questions, even if they don’t pertain to my work, I love talking to people. The human connection really is my thing. Love people (some more than others haha) and Dante is an awesome friend to have done this for me.

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