The Lag

I never have trouble writing. Words pour out of me. It’s editing that slows me down.

Like most writers, I struggle with it but I also understand the importance of cleaning up my work. I’ve been having fun going through and dusting off my short stories for a collection I’m working on. It hurts at times, and then I came to a new bump.

The cliche. haha

Dun dun daaaaah

Yesterday I got through another story and looked to the roster to find my old time travel piece. Eeeeeee

Time travel stories are a very rough sell nowadays. They’ve been done and done and done almost as if we’ve found the key to time travel in writing bad time travel stories. heehee

I’ve decided to go through and edit it anyway because I did put a different kind of spin on the tale, but I may have to pull it. I feared that with my zombie story too, but she works. And she works well.

Every writer has to create one of those overdone tales as a rite of passage. Now whether or not they should be shared is another story. Makes me glad to have a publisher who can say, “No!”

We’ll see.

Unfortunately I’ve hit that, “please no” lag. I’m dreading this edit, so I’ve been procrastinating like a true writer. If you read my blog regularly, you know I don’t procrastinate so this is new territory for me. Nothing like pretending to be busy to avoid the real work.

Shame on me.

I am determined to get through it though. And I will, because I love what I do. Even if I hate it too. Love, hate, same thing.

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