For Them

Who do you write for?

I hate this question. We’re all taught we should write for ourselves, because writing for readers is supposedly bad, even though without readers we have no profession. But if you only write for yourself, then why publish? What’s the point?

I guess we should promote balance. Write a little for yourself and a little for you readers, but this doesn’t work for me either.

I write for my characters.

They’re real to me. This is why I write so fast. I hate leaving them hanging. I need to see them through.

They rely on me and I rely on them more. It’s an imaginary partnership that borders on codependency. Sound crazy? Sure. Writer’s often flirt with insanity.

I could kill myself writing for everyone else, or become super self loathing as I write for me and wrestle with my inner demons, but I choose another option. One I think a lot of writers don’t seem to consider. I write for my characters.

That’s all I need.

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