Writing for Other Writers

The indie scene is a world of uncertainty. I started with a couple of indie presses and moved up to a small press. Maybe someday I’ll try and get an agent and break into the Big 5, I don’t know. But for now I’m focusing on learning everything I can to improve my skills and better prepare myself to stay in the industry.

The more events I do, the more I realize indie readers are mostly other writers. People who love books, who really get into reading, often write. This helps me because I’m not currently looking to sell millions of copies to fickle readers. (Maybe someday)

Writing for other writers gives me more confidence. They just want a good story. And by good, I mean something you don’t regret reading. Most books are good in my eyes. As long as I don’t regret reading it, it’s worth the time.

Getting out and selling books to eager readers makes everything I go through in the writing process worth it. And I often find myself offering input to new authors, or people who are curious about how I became a published author.

When I sit down to write, I usually just let the story flow. I’m not concerned with which demographic will enjoy it most or if it will even get published. That all comes later. But as a writer, I know what I like and it seems to coincide with what a lot of my writer friends and colleges enjoy.

Having that on my side makes me feel more justified. Even if I don’t know what I’m doing half the time.

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