Write Everything

I hate that whole, “Write your pain” Bullshit. Yeah, when you’re hurting, get it out. Put it down. Ink it. Whatever. But if the only thing you write is your pain, you will hate reading your own work, and only spread negative energy.

Does everyone only read sad stories? I know I don’t. I do prefer tragedies. They’re my favorite. But sometimes we want to see the good guy win. Sometimes you have to sit down and tell a story when you’re on cloud fucking nine.

There are times when I’ve been so elated I have to find some paper and write something as equally beautiful as the shit that flows from me like gold when I’m wounded by life. Write everything. It makes your voice more authentic. Real.

And best of all, allowing yourself to enjoy writing in all moods leads to more healthy work. Writers who drink themselves to death aren’t exactly the best people to take advice from. I don’t care how much people love their work.

Life is meant to be lived, words were meant to be shared, and books were meant to be written.

Balance that. Don’t fall into a downward spiral of focusing on one emotion. It can’t lead to anywhere good. At least that’s my take on it.

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