Serialized Novel

I have an awesome twitter friend named Mark (not my writing Yoda, this is a different Mark haha @booksmusic72) who mentioned a while ago that we need to bring back the serialized novel. Brilliant. I’m all over this idea. It makes so much sense.

A lot of the greats weren’t pressured into producing a full novel all at once, but published pieces. Some did a chapter at a time like Dickens, whereas others like Charlotte Bronte, wrote Jane Eyre in three separate pieces. Makes sense right?

When you know these things you notice it in the works. And it seems to have offered more room to explore the story. Once you have readers supporting your characters and ideas, they aid to keep them flowing.

Maybe that’s why series are so popular now. I myself am not a huge fan of novel series. I just want to read a book and enjoy it. No string attached, no having to commit to 7 or eight more installments and a tv show.

Wait? What?

I know confusing as hell right. I am currently working on book 2 of my Embracing Entropy Series. (Yes I am a huge hypocrite, any author who claims they’re not is lying.)

Thing is, my series is a trilogy of novellas. When it’s finished it will be produced in one large print volume, like a novel. Very similar to the chapters that were pieced together in times when they were published separate first.

It’s funny because when Mark made the initial post discussing this, it was around the time I accepted that my novella would have 2 more stories with it. So his interest helped me to accept what may be considered an outdated concept.

It seems to be catching on. Not everyone has time to devote to reading long overgrown stories. I still love them. But I have to agree, it is nice to just breeze through something smaller every once in a while.

Magazines are suffering right now. But ebooks are still taking off. Novelettes and novellas are a great resource for this venue. Best of all we can use them to bring back a new version of the serialized novel.

Who knows?

Mine is still playing out. Ask me again when the trilogy is done and in print. haha

10 thoughts on “Serialized Novel

  1. Jacqui Murray says:

    Your explanation makes a lot of sense. I would have dismissed it out of hand, but then, you made me think of TV series. I love those and they do–as you say–depend on the characters, audience, and reception. I’ve never considered that for a novel.

  2. PorterGirl says:

    I use my blog as a ‘testing ground’ for my books. It worked well for the first one and the feedback and direction I got from my readers phenomenal. It is making working on the second one a whole lot easier.

  3. J. A. Allen says:

    I have thought of doing this too.
    My book is cropping up fairly long–for a debut novel, that is. And, this strategy seems to have worked very well for Hugh Howey’s Wool series. If an author self-publishes a longer book in a small series of novellas, one of the added benefits is that the first book can be given away for free, so the author can rope new readers in, and capitalize on the other books in the series.
    Thanks for sharing! Interesting discussion.

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