Time to Blurb

With each book comes a new blurb that must be written. The more I write them, the less I fear them. (Never thought I’d say that) haha

With Wish for Survival (Book 2 of my Embracing Entropy Series) under contract, I now have to write her blurb. How the hell do you sum up an entire story in a paragraph or two? Well, it’s easier than it seems.

Once you get a good formula down, you begin to realize it’s simply no more than introducing your main characters, their conflict, and offering enough details to make the reader question what the resolution will be. You want to make people wonder about the story, make them want to read it.

Like most authors, I see the necessity for the back cover sell that we call blurbs. It’s difficult at times. I’m the kind of reader who will just grab a book off a shelf and read the first page, but I’m also a writer, so my methods don’t count. haha

So I’m off to start working on my blurb. Wish me luck!

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