The Power of Sound

In one of my past lives within this life I was quite the singer, so it should come as no shock to anyone that I enjoy the sound of books being read out loud. I prefer reading out loud or having someone read to me. Storytellers captivate me easily.

Strange because I have held some bias against audio books in the past. I don’t know why, there’s something about live readings. But now that I’m listening to an audio book while I read other stuff it seems silly, and I’m about to get over my previous bias entirely.

One of my writing friends, George Sirois, also does audio work. He is the author of Excelsior and an all around nice guy. (We shared a table at the last author event I did and a more agreeable table mate would be hard to find) I couldn’t resist when I had the chance to back his Kickstarter and get a recording of one of my stories.

I’m a bit of a control freak and would love to pull a Gaiman and do my own audio books someday, but for now I’m eager to hear what George turns out. He’s pretty good from what I’ve been told, so I sent him one of my favorite flash pieces, “The Waking Waves.”

This brief tale will be in my short story collection once I get everything together, and having an recording to offer will be new territory. Everything is new territory with writing. I’ve grown to accept that.

I also did some acting in the days before I was reborn in the writing industry (Yes I have kind of done everything haha) so the more I hear others reading their works, and mine, the more I wish to try out my voice. Until then, I have total faith in Mr. Sirois.

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