Never Quit

The writing industry has been pretty good to me. It’s rough, it hurts, it’s definitely not easy to stand out, but I got offered another deal yesterday. This one is for an erotic paranormal romance novel that I had put in my “duds” folder after a couple of rejections. Silly me.

It had been turned down because it was considered too dark. This left me questioning the story altogether and I had so many other projects, I just didn’t know if I could find a good fit. (Again, silly me haha) If the story has merit, and the writing is done well, it has a home, you just have to find it.

This new contract is nothing huge, a 2 year ebook deal, but it gives me more exposure and who knows where things can lead if it gains enough readers. It just reminds me that there are unlimited options for writers nowadays and we should always take advantage of the opportunities awarded us.

This novel had a lengthy prologue that the publisher requested I clean up, and once I did the work, they loved it. Compromise is necessary as long as it doesn’t hinder the meaning of the story, and most editors understand that. The title also needs to be changed because the publisher already has a book under that name, but again I have no issues with that because I want my title to be unique and thankfully I had a few other title ideas for this one anyway.

This will be my first actual published novel. Sure I have the kiddie book, the novelette, and the novella series published along with other novels, 2 or 3 are in the “duds” folder and 1 is being primped up for one of my other publishers, but this one will be the first. There are a lot of “firsts” in publishing. With every contract, there’s something new. (Maybe that’s relative to me since I do multiple genres.)

Right now, most writers are digging into their NaNoMo goals, I love writing and I write all the time. Having signed a contract last week and one this week makes me feel that what I’m doing works for me. I don’t force anything, I just do. I doubt I’ll write a lot this month. I have so many previous works that I want to look in on.

I used to think once I sent a story off as a “dud” I was finished with it. My best friend kind of pointed out how foolish that is and has helped encourage me to get off my ass and put in the extra work to make some stories better and allow them a chance at life. It’s annoying. Makes my job a lot more difficult, but it’s paid off.

So instead of writing like crazy in November, I’m wrapping up old projects and assessing what new stuff I want to work on after I take December off. It helps me focus. When I write I write a lot. Maybe not as fast as I used to, but my drafts have improved and I have plans for next year. Oh the plans I have. haha

Now how many come to fruition, we’ll see.

Everything is always changing with me and my writing and I’m used to it. Love embracing the chaos of sharing the written word with others. Can’t stop.

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