Lovely Critiques

When a writer sends their work out to be critiqued, they curse, hold their breath, drink, maybe get a little constipated. Any and all of these things. I am lucky enough to have a wide range of people who critique my stuff.

I have the nice writer friend who loves everything I write (only effective in helping me to not hate myself), the super critical one who tears everything apart, and all the in betweeners. (My best friend is really good at telling me what I did wrong while pointing out what I’ve done right to offer a nice balance)

But sometimes you need a fresh perspective. A new pair of eyes. This can be a fucking pain in the ass being that intelligible readers/writers/editors aren’t exactly lining up to add more reading to their piles of work. haha Thankfully I won a free critique from the awesome Katie McCoach. (Have to thank Ryan Lanz for holding the contest)

She has been a delight to work with. I’m one of the few writers who moves fast and I’m used to having long waits because most people don’t work at my pace. Katie is on the ball. Her critique came in a timely fashion and was extremely helpful without being long and drawn out. I’m probably going to work with her again.

I love people who are easy to work with. They’re not always easy to find.

I never recommend that writers who are still working their way up pay for editing services, but if you are making enough and need some good outside help, with affordable rates, I highly recommend McCoach. I now know exactly what I need to do to get my novel where it needs to be and I am so ready to get to work.

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