Upcoming Release

I got the release day for my upcoming erotic paranormal romance novel, Siren’s Snare!

It’s like a due date for a pregnant woman. (And I know all about that having birthed two daughters haha) I’ve got it etched in my brain, marked on all the calendars, and now the clock ticks untill…

February 29th 2016!

Yes, she’s going to be a leap day book. How cool is that? I’m so excited.

I just filled out the cover art form, so that reveal will be fun. There’s something awesome about seeing the images that your work inspires. There’s nothing like it.

And I’ve been introduced to my editor along with upcoming deadlines for finished go throughs. Once the ball gets rolling, I’ll be able to post some snippets, hopefully get a few early reviews from some friendly book bloggers, and do all I can to get you guys the info you need to see if you’re interested in reading this unique tale.

I’m super stoked to share this new novel with everyone.

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