Editing Sevices

I’ve had a lot of breaks

The writing industry has opened up to me with ease. I currently have four publishers, three books out and two upcoming releases that will be available in early 2016. Doors seem to be swinging to allow me forward. I’m no household name, and I’ll tell anyone I’m not the greatest writer, but I have gained a lot of experience working with different editors.

Recent events

A lot of things are changing for me. I’m honing my skills, finishing up a series, and polishing old manuscripts. I have edited for enough of my writer friends that the question of what’s next seems to be already answered. The more I get published, the more I can spot flaws in other people’s work. (I actually believe it’s easier to edit anyone’s writing but your own, yet I still fight through the stories I create)

In speaking with other writers, the question of whether or not I should start charging for editing services keeps popping up. I usually do free edits, but as more prestigious writers trust me with their work, and the longer my to-do-list gets, the more I believe this may be the next step in my career.

Instead of diving in head first I want to test the waters.

 If I do open myself up to edits, I would have a name your price policy. If you can only afford $100, I’d be willing to do what I can. I have sharp eyes and work fast. Depending on how many people show an interest in this service, I may have to limit the amount of clients I can take, so right now what I’m looking for is feedback.

What do you guys think?

Good idea/Bad idea?

I wish I could continue offering free edits for everyone, but it’s no longer realistic. If someone could find a way to pay me by adding time to my day, I’d take that. haha I often say “Take my money, just don’t take my time.” And the reverse seems fair. If I’m going to spend hours caring for your baby, respect the process with compensation.

Thoughts? Comments? I’d appreciate what anyone has to say on the subject.

5 thoughts on “Editing Sevices

  1. Allen says:

    Yes, great idea! Editing is an under-appreciated skill. I tried to proofread my own book, and even though I used to be an editor, the number of errors that made it to the final version was amazing. Having a professional pair of eyes look at your work is a service worth paying for.

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