Harvard Cancels Black Professor For Exposing Unrealistic Woke Beliefs


Where is the justice for educated black men who find truth in reasoning over jumping on popular bandwagons?

Anyone? …

Anyone? …

Bueller? …

Bueller? …

Yeah, I’ll wait. read on to find out how an intelligent black college professor was basically fired on the DL for not falling in line.

One thought on “Harvard Cancels Black Professor For Exposing Unrealistic Woke Beliefs

  1. Yernasia Quorelios says:

    💜 Let’s Get This in Perspective EveryOne; history teaches that we “Black” folk have had a Roller Coaster Ride…lauded like Jesse Owens in Racist Hitlers Munich Olympic Games to a “Black” President and, currently, a “Black” Female Vice President; personally I THINK!!! The Solution-in-Waiting here is for Liberal White Folk to stop perceiving “Black” Folk as Victims…because We Have The Wood on Racist, Conservative Non-Black Folk and Our Compliant Coconuts; with Many Folk of Many Colours Taking The Knee and The Perpetrator Police Office Turning HimSelf In…ergo, was The “Black Professor” fired because He is “Black” or would Have a ‘Non-Black Professor’ especially a ‘White Professor’ received the same treatment for the same behaviour in NOT!!! Towing The Organisational Line; having posed the question an adjunct is have the demarcations between “Black” and ‘White’ become BLURRY!!! and Grey and/or Brown 🙃🤭🤫 🤔 ?


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