Upworking the Worky Poo

Finding work isn’t always easy for a writer/editor.

We often work for free, push ourselves beyond our limits, and live a life of uncertainty. Comes with the territory of  being an artist of sorts. You have good months if you get your work out there and make sure to keep improving. But sometimes you have to make your own luck.


There are numerous resources to aid writers and editors

I’ve mentioned Duotrope before. Social media is an insane tool that opens doors. What I’ve recently found is a freelance website called upwork. This site holds a lot of promise for writers and editors. You create a profile, list your credentials, and set your own rates.

Whenever you’re ready, you can browse jobs. Hell if you’re a writer looking for a cheap editor, you can post for that too. It seems like a pretty solid system. I just joined a few days ago and I already woke up to an inquiry for my editing services.

editing 2

But be careful

When exploring a new writing site, make sure you know the ins and outs before you commit. Don’t jump into something you’re unsure of. Not in this industry.

I’ve noticed a lot of the “creative writing” jobs listed are ghost writer positions. Some straight up say that, others word it differently. If you want credit for your work, if you want to be the listed author, make sure that is part of the job you sign up for.


I have enough writing projects right now. I have 4 publishers, 3 books, and 2 on the way. I’m not looking for more writing gigs at the moment. But I am all about picking up editing jobs.

Editing helps me to be a better writer

When I work with other authors and give them the pointers they need to make their stories shine, it helps me to see my work from different angles. Writing is a crazy profession, you never know exactly where something is going until it comes together.


Editing is the opposite. Everything is laid out for you. You just need to follow the path and make sure it all makes sense along the way.

Utilize every avenue

The more I get my name out there, the more opportunities come to me. Sharing my success is something I feel I have to do. So many people have already helped me along the way. Hopefully this aids some others.


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