Book 3 is almost Ready

My science-fiction trilogy is written. Book 1: By the Stars is already available on amazon, but books 2 and 3 are slated to drop in mid March together to make way for the full print edition of all three novellas.


Getting through books 2 was hell. I wrote it over the summer and edited it to hand into my publisher in the fall. We had planned to wait on Book 3, but she screamed out of me over the holidays. (I know, the worst time to be suffering through the writing process) After some fun back and forths it was determined that the trilogy may be ready for its full print run on March 15th, if I can get everything ready.

I love what I do. I race forward to meet deadlines like an Olympic athlete. Unlike most authors I enjoy the grind. Pushing myself ahead allows me to keep relevant and reach my readers as much as possible.

book computer

I set myself a goal to turn book 3 in by January 25th. Pretty ambitious, but realistic. I know myself and am really good at gauging what I can meet. I came close last night, but decided to slow down and really make sure that I’m fine tuning everything.

After going from loving what I wrote, to hating every single word, to liking it enough, I have finally finished the main round of edits. Once it becomes less about fixing issues and more of a read with a quick change here and there, the story is pretty much complete. I always go through it one more time. The deadline I gave myself is a bit closer than I usually allow, but I’m getting used to time crunches with my new writing job.


I’ll read it once more and send it off to be destroyed by my editor’s red pen (destroyed is a bit dramatic, it’s never really that bad). So when I say I’m done editing, I mean with the heavy haul. With most of the work.

The next big hurdle is hoping that my publisher likes how I ended the series and picks it up. haha

writing fears

So get read for book 3, properly titled: Perfect Chaos

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