Back to the Connected Land!

The kiddos and I moved into our new place 2 weeks ago and we just got internet. Sure I had access at work and used some phone data, but coming home to a dead zone reminded me of a simpler time. haha No I promise I won’t grandma out on you and also go on and on about how “they don’t make em like they used to” as well.

old lady

Honestly the freedom of getting back online is a HUGE relief. Writers can’t really afford to be offline like they used to. (haha Okay so I may have just grandmaed out there) But this can be a good thing. A very amazing thing.

I love that it’s easier to reach readers now, and what I love most is how easily they can reach me. Some days messages from a new reader or one of my awesome loyal book lovers keep me going. Especially right now.


There is so much going on. I never like to be still or wait for things to happen. Maybe that’s why I just got confirmation for an upcoming event, have a book release TOMORROW, and another book release in just over 2 weeks. (And that’s the big one I’ve been waiting for for a while)

Getting to hop online and work, play, and everything in between is invigorating. I have so many projects that’m ready to get out to you guys. Spring is near so I’ll be out playing in the woods adventuring like always, but there’s nothing like coming home to write, type, and share the human connection after exhausting myself with the wonders of being alive.

My new erotic paranormal romance novel (say that 3 times fast haah) will grace the ebook world tomorrow. So if you haven’t been banished away from the internet as I was for a while come join the facebook party and celebrate the birth of Siren’s Snare with me!

As always, there will be a giveaway and other fun!

sirenssnare (1)

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