Rock out to Editing

“Write drunk, edit sober.”

Writers love to cling to these little mantras. Some of them work some don’t. I prefer to edit tipsy. You need to be of sound mind, but going through old work can be too painful at times. But if I feel that a piece needs sever patchwork, music is what keeps me going.

It shouldn’t be a surprise. There are more writers with musical talents than a lot of us know. Writing and music have always been distant cousins. We write music, we play on words.

wiriting is music

I’ve been restructuring the first 2 novels I wrote. The second is better, makes me feel like Dr Frankenstein bringing the dead back to life, but it is grueling. Some nights I feel as if I’m going in circles. After so many go-throughs you need to bring in outside help. Which I have done. I’m currently taking the advice I’ve been given and better shaping the story.

What keeps me from losing my mind (Other than my muse and great support-Dash Crowley) is music. It always comes back to music. Or, really, music always comes back to me. Certain songs find their way into my life when I need them the most, and they often speak to my characters.

I have some very specific music tastes for my editing. Sometimes I’ll need a song to power me through and put it on repeat for hours (not something I would ever do for just listening enjoyment). Rock/Alternative music seems to make the work fly. I can say how many times the Foals album has helped me push myself to rework a really rough scene.

They have this really awesome sound that reminds me of The Smiths even though they sound nothing like them.

This works best for short stories. Especially literary stuff. I’ve been writing more and more literary works lately. The Foo Fighters are also great for this genre. I don’t know why, I always imagined classical music would help with lit. But classical pieces seem best paired with horror editing. Maybe it’s because when imagining the mind of a serial killer, creepy opera music comes to mind, or it may be that it creates a balance. The grotesque aspects of man drawn forth through horror writing can be unsettling and the beauty of complex musical arrangements can sooth a writer’s mind.

I write everything. Love the freedom of different genres. Sure, not everything will be published, you have to narrow down your specialties, but it’s always fun to have the sound you need to reflect on any kind of pieces.

Jazz is probably my most loved genre of music (it’s hard to choose one over the other). I have extensive jazz vocal training and always enjoy editing any kind of speculative fiction to the greats. Sci-Fi and fantasy don’t seem very jazzy, but the imaginative undertones fit perfectly with the chord progressions that are constant themes in jazz progressions.

Romance is really fun to write and even more so to edit. I do erotic romance and there is no sexier music to edit to than R&B.

And of course children’s fiction deserves some fun children’s music heehee

Love me some silly songs! haha

Whatever music inspires is the way to go. I can’t wait to edit some more because I get to do it with some of my favorite music.

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