I read the best post ever a few weeks ago. It simply spoke one simple truth (that’s all you need right?): You’re not TIRED, You’re UNINSPIRED.

How true this is. People often talk of how tired they are. We fall into patterns, routines and it makes us want to shut down. The mundane details of life sometimes put us on autopilot. Some people get stuck in situations they have trouble getting out of and it eats away at them.

It doesn’t matter how many inspirational quotes people post, we get used to filtering through so many messages each day that a lot of us don’t really absorb them, or we’re so down that we want to ignore everything. Life can feel like a real shit-hole sometimes. And writing often magnifies our feelings, so it’s easy to get down and feel tired.


There are always days where any artist feels that their creations are useless. Day jobs, unsupportive family members, the asshole who cut you off in traffic: they can add up and hinder your ability to take the time to do what you love. But if you choose to mope around instead of enjoying what you have, that’s on YOU.

Sure everyone needs a day to just forget everything. Sometimes you need to say screw it and play video games or watch movies. Shut down and hide away for a little bit. Never feel bad for being human. Take a day and do what you need to do.

But get that shit out of your system!

The problem with this approach is that humans are creatures of habit. I know way too many talented individuals who fall into a pattern of escapism. Hell our society seems to be built on it now. We have an entire system built on capitalizing off of one’s efforts. So we go to our paying jobs so we can earn money to spend money to keep everything standing. Sound familiar?

Ed Norton

It’s a fucking farce. There is so much more to each and every one of us. I’m not necessarily suggesting we tear everything down, I’m saying don’t let it tear YOU down. Anyone who really wants to do something will do it.

We mistake tiredness for that unpleasant feeling of hopelessness. Sometimes the road seems endless with very few stops on the way. Fucking rush hour traffic can make a woman wanna pull over and jump off a bridge sometimes. haha But there are also days where sitting in the car shouting out your favorite song in the middle of a rainstorm can make you feel alive.

Humans tend to focus on the negative aspects in their lives instead of the positives. We seem to enjoy sharing in each other’s pain. Some people would say I’m a glass half full kind of gal. I say I’m just happy to have a fucking glass. Not going to waste whatever I get to hold.

We all have our off-days. But allowing those days to stand in your way are what blocks people from achieving their goals. So you say you’re tired?


The next time you come home too tired to be YOU, try something for me please. Stretch your arms up, reach forward and try to touch the ground. Jump up and down 10 times. Spin in a circle. turn around and spin in another circle. Then look around at everything you have and take a deep breath.

 If that doesn’t help, take a 20 min walk outside. The modern world is full of distractions and frustrations, but you have the ability to bypass all the bullshit and do what you want to do, if you REALLY want it.

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